Environment Friendly Products

We manufacture a wide range of environment friendly Packaging products to accomodate your specific requirements.

Packaging Option in Various Industries

Widely used for various industries such as Liquor, Spices, Auto Components, LED Bulbs, Textile, Flexible film, Food, Pharma, Pesticides, Electrical Products.

Quality Assurance

Quality is ensured at our fully equipped laboratory by way of attentive testing before dispatch.


Canpack has a goal to be excellent in the field of innovation, quality, and Timely deliveries. We have produce more than packaging... We have built relationships.

The need for strong, stand-out branding drives today’s packaging. Composite containers offer some of the brightest, striking, most eye-catching options – brilliant colors, high gloss or soft matt finishes are just the beginning. It has many benefits some of them being - these are flexible, strong and one of the most environmentally-friendly container options available today.

Canpack is one of the leading providers of paper composite canister and round paper tubes. Our goal is to help you make a lasting impression both on the shelf and in the minds of your customers through high quality, innovative packaging. Our in-house printing facility means we can supply canisters with printed or colored covers and liners. Choose from a huge variety of finishes and materials. Whether you want the vintage authenticity of brown Kraft paper, vibrant printed colors or luxurious gold foil, our composite canister will stand out and get noticed in a world full of boring boxes.

We at Canpack believe in bringing your vision to life. Here you get fast quotes, fast turn around and fast delivery. We're here to build your business up, not hold it up.

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Composite paper cans for alcoholic
Paper cans with all card board tube
Paper Cans with display window
Paper cans with metal or plastic cap
Paper cans with plastic disp..
Fill and seal paper cans

Spiral paper tubes and cores
Plain round all paper canisters
Heavy industrial and mailing cores
Container for eatable material